JUN – GT Surge Tank – Nissan SR20DET (R)PS13 (11.0mm)

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Maximize your engine’s potential with the JUN GT Surge Tank. Carefully engineered for optimal performance, this surge tank considers key factors like collector capacity, form, and funnel design. It strikes the perfect balance, ensuring efficient airflow distribution to each cylinder. Say goodbye to stock limitations?experience a seamless blend of design, efficiency, and power. Compatible with SR20DET and (R)PS13 (11.0mm), this surge tank includes a delivery pipe for (R)PS13, requiring a top-feed injector. Elevate your engine’s capabilities with JUN GT Surge Tank ? precision, power, performance.

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Enhancing Engine Performance with JUN GT Surge Tank

Experience a significant transformation in your engine’s characteristics with the JUN GT Surge Tank. Meticulously designed, this surge tank optimizes several key factors, including collector capacity corresponding to displacement volume, surge tank form, intake port length, and section of the intake port. Our surge tank is engineered to extract maximum engine performance by carefully considering these factors.

Capacity of Surge Tank:
Unlike stock surge tanks that overlook the potential for increased output through tuning, the JUN GT Surge Tank addresses this gap by ensuring ample capacity. Inadequate tank capacity can hinder optimal air distribution among cylinders, impacting overall performance. Conversely, excessive capacity may impede the inertia boost effect crucial for efficiently channeling air into each cylinder. Our highly efficient surge tank strikes the perfect balance, enhancing performance across the entire RPM range.

Form of the Surge Tank:
The design of the surge tank plays a pivotal role in directing airflow seamlessly to each cylinder. While many stock surge tanks feature a bulky form, the JUN GT Surge Tank adopts a tapered design from the entrance to the back end. This design facilitates smooth airflow, preventing energy loss and disorderly whirlpools. By eliminating unnecessary capacity, our surge tank maximizes the inertia boost effect, especially in high rotation regions.

Form of the Funnel:
Optimizing airflow within the surge tank is paramount for the funnel design. Unlike stock surge tanks with unprojected cylinder branches, our surge tank adopts a curl funnel form, efficiently drawing in downward air from the funnel entrance. This design ensures high inhaling air efficiency, a critical factor for peak engine performance.

Application List:
The JUN GT Surge Tank is compatible with SR20DET and (R)PS13 (11.0mm). Note that the delivery pipe for (R)PS13 is included, and a top-feed injector is required as stock injectors cannot be used. Choose from three fuel delivery pipe diameters (10.5mm, 10.8mm, 11.0mm) based on your injector size. The kit utilizes a processed Nissan stock throttle body for Infinity.

Elevate your engine’s potential with the JUN GT Surge Tank ? a meticulous blend of design, efficiency, and performance. Unleash the power that your engine deserves.


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