JUN – Super Connecting Rods – Nissan VQ35DE (3.8L)

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Discover peak engine performance with JUN SUPER CONNECTING RODS, meticulously crafted for optimal strength and lightness. Made from SCM440 material with ARP bolts, these rods prevent metal burn during high rotations and address issues like the ‘close-in’ phenomenon. Engineered for turbo engines and enhanced responsiveness in NA engines, JUN’S rods ensure durability and balance. Specifications include Quenching and Tempering heat treatment and ARP 200,000 Psi bolts. Elevate your Nissan VQ35DE engine with these precision rods, perfect for JUN’s 3.8L Crankshaft.

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“The JUN connecting rod prioritizes lightness and strength through precision shaving, eliminating any unnecessary elements. Crafted from the robust SCM440 material, the connecting rod bolts boast the quality of ARP. To prevent metal burn during high rotation transformations of the big end, a stress-distributed form has been meticulously designed.

Strengthening the connecting rod is crucial for optimal engine performance. In the era of high-output turbo engines, stock connecting rods struggle to keep up. For NA engines seeking heightened responsiveness, the weight of the connecting rod significantly influences overall performance. Achieving balance in weight distribution and reducing the burden on the crankshaft metal are pivotal considerations.

The JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD addresses issues like the ‘close-in’ phenomenon, where the big end transforms due to piston inertia weight. Unequal metal contact or scorching often results, leading to connecting rod troubles. JUN’S SUPER CONNECTING ROD prevents these issues by enhancing the big end’s form, increasing strength, and maintaining necessary clearances during high rotations.

Key specifications of JUN’S SUPER CONNECTING ROD:

HEAT TREATMENT: Quenching and Tempering, HRC32 to 36
SURFACE TREATMENT: Double shot pinning
BOLT: ARP 200,000 Psi
Application List:

Nissan VQ35DE (compatible with JUN 3.8L Crankshaft)”
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