JUN – Super Connecting Rods – Nissan VQ35DE

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Elevate your engine’s performance with JUN’s precision-engineered SUPER CONNECTING RODS. Meticulously crafted from SCM440 material and featuring ARP bolts, these rods prioritize strength and durability. Designed to prevent issues during high rotations, the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD ensures optimal clearance and mitigates metal scorching. Explore the superior specifications, including quenching and tempering heat treatment, HRC32-36 hardness, and double shot pinning surface treatment. From the powerful SR20DET to the robust RB26DETT, JUN offers a tailored solution for various engines, promising unmatched quality and performance.

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“Crafted with precision through a shaving process to prioritize both lightness and strength, the JUN connecting rod stands as a testament to efficiency and purpose. Constructed from high-quality SCM440 material, and featuring ARP-made connecting rod bolts, it ensures durability and optimal performance.

Designed to address challenges during high rotations, the connecting rod adopts a stress-distributing form to prevent metal burning. The significance of reinforcing the connecting rod cannot be overstated, especially in the context of modern turbo engines’ astonishing outputs. The demand for enhanced response in naturally aspirated engines further underscores the critical role of connecting rods.

A pivotal aspect is the strength of the big end, crucial in averting issues like metal scorching. The JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD, with its refined form and increased strength, prevents transformations during high rotations, ensuring proper clearance and mitigating potential problems.


HEAT TREATMENT: Quenching and Tempering
SURFACE TREATMENT: Double shot pinning
BOLT: Made by ARP, 200,000 Psi
JUN offers a range of SUPER CONNECTING RODS tailored for various engines, such as SR20DET, 1JZ-GTE, RB26DETT, and more. Each meticulously engineered connecting rod is a testament to JUN’s commitment to quality and performance.

For detailed specifications and compatibility, refer to the JUN Super Connecting Rods Engine Specifications chart below:

[Insert the provided engine specifications chart]

Discover the superior performance of JUN Super Connecting Rods, a reliable choice for enthusiasts seeking durability and precision. Whether it’s the Nissan VQ35DE or other compatible engines, JUN’s commitment to excellence shines through.”

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