JUN – Super Connecting Rods – Toyota 3S-GTE (2.2L)

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Elevate your engine’s performance with the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD. Meticulously crafted from SCM440, these rods strike the perfect balance between lightness and strength, ensuring durability under high-stress conditions. Engineered to prevent metal burn during high rotations, the design distributes stress strategically, maintaining balance and reducing crank metal burden. With a hardness of HRC32 to 36 and double-shot pinning for added durability, each rod is a testament to precision engineering. Compatible with engines like SR20DET, 1JZ-GTE, and RB26DETT, JUN’s SUPER CONNECTING RODS, accompanied by ARP bolts rated at 200,000 Psi, redefine reliability and performance. Trust in JUN’s legacy where engineering meets innovation.

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Introducing the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD – a pinnacle of engineering precision crafted for optimal performance. Crafted from SCM440, these connecting rods embody a seamless blend of lightness and strength, meticulously shaped through precision shaving. The connecting rod bolts, courtesy of ARP, ensure durability and reliability under high-stress conditions.

In the pursuit of enhanced durability, the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD boasts a form that strategically distributes stress, averting potential metal burn during high rotations. Acknowledging the pivotal role of connecting rods in engine dynamics, JUN’s design seeks to maintain balance, reduce crank metal burden, and cater to the evolving demands of modern turbo engines.

In addressing the common issue of big end transformation due to piston inertia weight, the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD employs a corrective design, preventing metal scorching and maintaining crucial clearance. The result? A connecting rod that stands resilient against the challenges posed by high rotations.

JUN’s commitment to excellence is further reflected in the specifications of the SUPER CONNECTING ROD, with each piece meticulously treated with Quenching and Tempering, attaining a hardness of HRC32 to 36. The surface treatment includes double-shot pinning for added durability.

Compatible with various engines, including but not limited to SR20DET, 1JZ-GTE, and RB26DETT, JUN’s SUPER CONNECTING RODS are a testament to precision engineering. The set includes bolts made by ARP with a rating of 200,000 Psi, ensuring robust performance across diverse applications.

Explore the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD range, meticulously designed and tested for engines such as NISSAN VQ35DE, VG30DE(TT), TOYOTA 2JZ-GTE, and more. Join the league of enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best in performance and reliability.

For detailed specifications and application guidance, refer to the JUN SUPER CONNECTING ROD SPECIFICATIONS. Trust in JUN’s legacy of excellence ? where engineering meets innovation.


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