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Discover JUN’s Super Connecting Rod ? a pinnacle of lightweight precision and robust strength. Crafted from SCM440 material and fortified with ARP bolts, this connecting rod excels in high-performance applications. Engineered to distribute stress and prevent metal burn during high rotations, JUN’s design redefines the significance of connecting rods in modern engines.

Ideal for turbocharged engines, JUN’s Super Connecting Rod ensures optimal response and balance. Tackling the challenge of big end transformation, it corrects the form, enhances strength, and guarantees clearance, safeguarding against metal scorching. With specifications meticulously designed, including quenching and tempering for HRC32 to 36 hardness, double-shot pinning surface treatment, and ARP bolts with a remarkable 200,000 Psi strength, JUN’s Super Connecting Rod sets a new standard.

Suitable for various engines such as SR20DET, 1JZ-GTE, and RB26DETT, JUN’s Super Connecting Rod is a precision-crafted masterpiece. Elevate your engine’s potential with JUN’s cutting-edge technology ? a choice that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, including compatibility with the revered Toyota 4A-GE. Choose JUN for unparalleled strength, reliability, and seamless integration, and unleash the true power of your engine.

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JUN’s advanced engineering takes the connecting rod to new heights, combining lightness and strength through precision shaving. Crafted from SCM440 material, the connecting rod bolts, courtesy of ARP, ensure unparalleled performance. The innovative design distributes stress effectively, preventing metal burn during high rotations. In the realm of engine parts, connecting rods are often underestimated for their significance. With the surge in turbo engine output, stock connecting rods fall short, necessitating a solution like JUN’s Super Connecting Rod.

In pursuit of maximum charm in NA engine response, the weight of the connecting rod plays a pivotal role. Achieving whole balance, reducing burden on the crank metal, and enhancing overall performance demand a connecting rod with superior qualities. Addressing the critical issue of big end transformation during high rotation, JUN’s Super Connecting Rod corrects the form, increases strength, and ensures clearance, averting scorching metal. The JUN Super Connecting Rod, designed with meticulous specifications and using SCM440 material, undergoes quenching and tempering with a hardness range of HRC32 to 36. The surface treatment includes a double-shot pinning process, and the bolts are crafted by ARP with a formidable 200,000 Psi strength.

JUN’s Super Connecting Rod is engineered for various engines, including SR20DET, 1JZ-GTE, and RB26DETT. The specifications and applications are detailed for Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, and Subaru engines. It’s not just a connecting rod; it’s a precision-crafted masterpiece that revolutionizes engine performance. Choose JUN’s Super Connecting Rod for unparalleled strength, reliability, and a seamless fit with various engines, including the esteemed Toyota 4A-GE. Elevate your engine’s potential with JUN’s cutting-edge technology.


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