NISMO – Big Operating Slave Cylinder – Nissan 200SX S14

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Upgrade your sports clutch with our enhanced operating cylinder, now increased from 3/4 inch to 13/16 inch for improved half-clutch operation and optimized connection positioning. Enjoy a 14% reduction in pedal pressure compared to standard parts, specifically tailored for Nissan 180SX S13 – SR20DET and Nissan 200SX S14 – SR20DET models.

Follow our product notes for seamless installation, adjusting cylinder stroke volume, and eliminating air for optimal performance. For an extra edge on the track, consider the NISMO Low-Temp Thermostat. With a lower opening temperature of 62?C, it promotes earlier coolant circulation, reducing power loss during high-speed driving. Upgrade your clutch system and thermostat for a performance-driven ride.

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To enhance the performance of your sports clutch, we’ve upgraded the operating cylinder size from 3/4 inch (Data 19.05mm) to 13/16 inch (Data 20.54mm). This modification not only improves half-clutch operation but also optimizes clutch connection positioning, resulting in a remarkable 14% reduction in pedal pressure compared to standard parts. The compatibility extends to Nissan 180SX S13 – SR20DET and Nissan 200SX S14 – SR20DET models.

Our product notes highlight the importance of adjusting the cylinder stroke volume when using the larger operating cylinder. To facilitate this, follow these steps: 1. Securely clamp the hose to prevent air entry before removing the standard operating cylinder. 2. Fill the new operating cylinder with brake fluid, bleeding air before connecting it to the hose. 3. Despite careful bleeding, residual air may remain, affecting pedal stroke and clutch feel. Thoroughly eliminate air, especially in wider diameter hoses and pipes like the U-pipe. 4. Opt for vacuum pressure, leveraging the U-pipe eliminator adapter provided with the NISMO Clutch Hose for efficient air removal.

For an added performance boost, consider the NISMO Low-Temp Thermostat. This thermostat lowers the radiator valve’s opening temperature to 62?C (Standard = 76.5?C), facilitating earlier coolant circulation during high-speed track driving. By mitigating power loss due to rising coolant temperatures, this thermostat ensures optimal engine performance. Set at a lower temperature range, it aligns closely with the threshold valve, triggering a rich mixture boost for enhanced performance in low-temperature conditions. Upgrade your clutch system and thermostat for an unparalleled driving experience.


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