NISMO – High-Flow Volume Injector – R32/R33/R34/GTR/S13/RNN14

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Upgrade your engine’s performance with the Purple NISMO 600cc Injector (16600-RRR60). When standard injectors max out, these Nismo injectors seamlessly replace them, ensuring optimal fuel flow for higher boost levels. Compatible with various Nissan models, including Skyline GTRs, GTS-t, Stagea, Silvia, and Pulsar GTiR.

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“When standard factory injectors reach their maximum capacity, they can no longer accommodate additional fuel for higher boost levels. To enhance engine tuning performance, larger primary Nismo upgrade injectors can be seamlessly installed in the factory location. The 1 x Purple NISMO 600cc Injector (16600-RRR60) is compatible with various Nissan models, including the Nissan Skyline – R32 GTR (BNR32), R33 GTR (BCNR33), R34 GTR (BNR34), R32 GTS-t (HCR32), Stagea – 25t RS Four (-98) – WGNC34, Silvia – S13 (CA18DET), and Pulsar GTiR – RNN14.”


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