NISMO – High-Flow Volume Injector – R33/S13/S14/S15/Z32 (740cc)

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Unlock peak performance with the Red NISMO 740cc Injector (16600-RR420). When factory injectors hit their limits, upgrading to larger Nismo injectors becomes crucial for achieving higher boost levels. Ideal for Nissan models like Skyline, Silvia, 180SX, and Fairlady Z32, this upgrade guarantees secure and optimized fuel flow, a must for maximizing engine tuning potential.

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“When conventional factory injectors reach their maximum fuel delivery capacity, they become a bottleneck for achieving higher boost levels. To enhance performance and cater to the demands of tuned engines, upgrading to larger primary Nismo injectors is a strategic solution. The Red NISMO 740cc Injector (16600-RR420) is an ideal choice for various Nissan models, including Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t S2, R33 GTS-t S1, Silvia PS13 (Red Top), Silvia S14 S1, Silvia S14 S2, Silvia S15, 180SX RPS13 S2 (Black Head), 180SX RPS13 S1 (Red Head), 180SX RPS13 S3 (Black Head), and Fairlady Z32. This upgrade ensures a secure and optimized fuel flow, essential for maximizing engine tuning potential.”


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