ORIGIN – Rear Wide Fenders – Silvia, 180SX, RX-7

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Discover the versatility of Origin Rear Wide Fenders, tailored to accommodate various vehicle sizes. Elevate your car’s appearance with a wider, meaner stance for those running broader rims and tires. Choose from an array of options upon purchase, ranging from S13 Silvia to FC3S RX-7 models. Please contact us before buying to confirm shipping availability in your region.

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Explore the extensive range of Origin Rear Wide Fenders, available in various sizes tailored to your specific vehicle. Elevate your car’s aesthetic by accommodating wider rims and tires, providing ample space under the fenders for a distinctively wide and powerful stance. Upon making a purchase, kindly specify your preference from the following options:

S13 Silvia 30mm Press Line Type
S13 Silvia 50mm Press Line Type
S13 Silvia 30mm Pulled-Look Type
S13 Silvia 50mm Pulled-Look Type
S14 Silvia 50mm
S15 Silvia 50mm
RPS13 180sx 30mm Press Line Type
RPS13 180sx 50mm Press Line Type
RPS13 180sx 30mm Pulled-Look Type
RPS13 180sx 50mm Pulled-Look Type
AE86 Levin / Trueno 40mm 2 Door Coupe
AE86 Levin / Trueno 40mm 3 Door Hatch
FC3S RX-7 30mm
FC3S RX-7 50mm
FD3S RX-7 50mm
Please note that shipping to certain regions may not be available. Kindly reach out to us before completing your purchase to verify the feasibility of shipping to your location.


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