TOMEI – Adjustable Cam Pulleys – CA18DET S13

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Elevate your vehicle’s performance with our cutting-edge Duralumin pulley system. Crafted from a lightweight aluminum alloy, these pulleys undergo precision heat treatment for enhanced hardness and tensile strength. The hard almite coating ensures super-high durability, making them ideal for drag racing cars exceeding 1000 horsepower. With individualized designs for IN and EX pulleys, easy valve timing adjustment at TDC, and a sleek aesthetic, our pulley system is a perfect fit for Nissan 180SX – CA18DET and Nissan Silvia – CA18DET. Upgrade to extreme precision, durability, and style in one powerful package.

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Enhance your vehicle’s performance with our super lightweight 100% Duralumin pulley system. Crafted from a specialized alloy of aluminum (over 90%), copper (about 4%), magnesium (0.5%-1%), and manganese (less than 1%), our Duralumin pulleys offer a perfect balance of ductility and malleability. Following a meticulous heat treatment, a synergistic reaction between aluminum and magnesium enhances hardness and tensile strength, making it an ideal choice for the aircraft industry.

To ensure super-high durability, we employ a hard almite coating on the surface of the pulleys, dramatically increasing their resilience. This feature makes our pulley system suitable for high-performance drag racing cars with power exceeding 1000 horsepower and operating at 10000 RPM.

Our design philosophy prioritizes precision and ease of use. Each IN and EX pulley boasts an individualized design, allowing for straightforward valve timing adjustment when the engine is at Top Dead Center (TDC). The pulley and inner plate, curved from high-quality material, exhibit extreme precision, guaranteeing optimal drive transfer from the timing belt.

Constructed with duralumin and coated with almite, our pulley not only performs exceptionally well but also adds an aesthetic touch to your engine room. The color of the pulley signifies the strength of the hard almite coating, making it a visually appealing and functional addition to your vehicle.

For practicality, we’ve incorporated a simple adjustment scale, considering real-world scenarios where unexpected changes might occur. This ensures easy adjustment, making it adaptable to unforeseen arrangement changes. Our sliding-type pulley system features steel gears, duralumin pulleys, with each weighing only 630g. It is specifically designed for Nissan 180SX – CA18DET and Nissan Silvia – CA18DET, making it a perfect fit for these models.

Upgrade your driving experience with our meticulously crafted, high-performance Duralumin pulley system ? where precision meets durability and aesthetics seamlessly blend with functionality.


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