APP – Brake Line Kit – AE86 Altezza Aristo Celica

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Elevate your braking experience with our top-of-the-line brake kits. Featuring Teflon-hosed, braided stainless steel lines coated in a protective clear layer, these kits offer unparalleled performance. Say goodbye to brake pedal uncertainty?our lines resist expansion, ensuring a sharp response. The clear coating not only preserves a clean appearance but also shields against potential tire contact. Suitable for various vehicles, including Aristo, Altezza, Celica, Sprinter, Funcargo, bB, and Vitz models. Upgrade your brakes today for precision and reliability. Specify your vehicle at checkout for a perfect fit.

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Upgrade your braking performance with our premium brake lines, crafted at the pinnacle of quality. These cutting-edge brake lines feature Teflon hosing enveloped in braided stainless steel, and they’re coated with a unique clear protective layer. Unlike traditional OEM rubber hoses, these exceptional lines resist expansion, ensuring a crisper brake response and heightened tactile feel. The innovative clear coating not only shields the stainless steel mesh from potential damage but also maintains a pristine appearance while safeguarding against any tire contact. While conventional rubber hoses succumb to heat and brake fluid damage, our high-performance alternatives eliminate these concerns, allowing for optimal brake control and responsiveness. Designed for a range of vehicles, including Aristo JZX160/JZS161, Aristo JZS147, Altezza SXE10/GXE10/JCE10W, Celica ZZT231, Sprinter/Trueno/Levin AE86, Funcargo NCP20/NCP21, bB NCP30/NCP31, and Vitz SCP10/SCP13/NCP10, these kits are tailored to enhance your driving experience. Specify your vehicle during checkout to ensure the perfect fit for your braking needs. Elevate your driving experience with our advanced brake line kits.


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