CARBING – Strut Tower Bar – Nissan 200SX/Silvia S14/S15 – Rear

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Revitalize your car’s performance with our premium CARBING Strut Tower Bar. Engineered for body reinforcement, it enhances stability during cornering, particularly effective for older models. Easy to install in the front for improved steering response or at the rear for enhanced controllability. CARBING’s aluminum design with increased wall thickness delivers steel-like strength with lightweight benefits. Hand-welded for superior quality and aesthetics, these bars are a perfect blend of performance and style. Elevate your driving experience with CARBING ? where strength meets elegance. Compatible with models like Nissan 200SX S14 and Nissan Silvia S15. Upgrade your car today!

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Upgrade your car’s performance with our premium Strut Tower Bar, an essential component for body reinforcement. Designed to enhance stability during cornering by preventing body twisting, this bar is especially effective for older models. Installing it in the front improves steering response, while fitting it in the rear enhances controllability by making the rear section’s behavior more recognizable. Our Strut Tower Bars, crafted by CARBING, boast a unique blend of strength and lightweight construction. Despite being made of aluminum, their increased wall thickness and bracket section provide the robustness of steel. The fully welded design ensures exceptional rigidity while minimizing weight. CARBING strut bars are not just high-performance; they’re also aesthetically pleasing, hand-welded by skilled artisans. With an easy installation process, reasonable prices, and a significant boost to your car’s appearance, our Strut Tower Bar is a must-have. Check out our application list, including models like Nissan 200SX S14 and Nissan Silvia S15, to find the perfect fit for your vehicle. Elevate your driving experience with CARBING quality and craftsmanship.


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