OS Giken – Super Lock LSD – Toyota Aristo JZS147

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Elevate your vehicle’s performance with the OS Giken Super Lock LSD ? a cutting-edge, mechanical 1.5-way LSD design featuring an impressive 14 plates per side. Unlike traditional LSD centers, this innovative approach ensures unparalleled smoothness and complete locking under load. Perfect for modified cars in street, drift, or drag applications, it’s the ultimate upgrade for a seamless driving experience. Special orders for a 2-way version are available. Explore the enhanced driving dynamics on the Toyota Aristo JZS147 and experience precision and power like never before.

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Upgrade your vehicle’s performance with the innovative OS Giken Super Lock LSD, featuring a distinctive mechanical 1.5-way LSD design. What sets it apart is the remarkable incorporation of 14 plates per side, a notable increase compared to the typical 6-8 plates found in similar LSD centers. This design choice enhances the Super Lock LSD’s smooth operation and guarantees complete locking under load, providing an unmatched driving experience. Whether you’re navigating the streets, engaging in drift races, or conquering drag applications, this LSD proves to be the ideal enhancement for modified cars. For those seeking a 2-way version, it is available through special order. Elevate your driving experience with the OS Giken Super Lock LSD ? a seamless blend of precision and power. Explore its application on Toyota Aristo JZS147 and discover a new level of driving excellence.


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