TOMEI – Ornament – 200SX/Silvia S14/S15 SR20DET

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Discover the evolution of the SR20 engine with TOMEI’s cutting-edge research since its debut in 1989. Our advanced performance parts, born from years of expertise, enhance your SR20DET engine. Elevate its aesthetic with our ornament plate, available in Blue and Silver. Perfect for Nissan 200SX S14 SR20DET and Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET owners. Choose TOMEI for enduring quality and a standout engine appearance.

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TOMEI has dedicated extensive research to the SR20 engine since its initial release in October 1989, notably featured in Nissan Bluebird U12 models. Over the years, our commitment to innovation has driven continuous evolution, integrating cutting-edge tuning technology and techniques. Harnessing the wealth of knowledge and experience amassed, TOMEI proudly presents a range of new advanced performance parts. Specifically designed for SR20DET owners utilizing TOMEI’s advanced performance components, this product serves as an exquisite ornament plate. Elevate your engine’s visual appeal, making it stand out prominently. Crafted to leave a lasting impression, this ornamental plate reflects the enduring quality of TOMEI’s advancements?a joy that lasts forever! Available in both Blue and Silver, this product is tailored for Nissan 200SX S14 SR20DET and Nissan Silvia S15 SR20DET. Choose your preferred color below and transform your driving experience.


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