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Full Throttle Video – Tuner Transformation (Take My Wreck)

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Monster Garage meets Trading Spaces and you have the extremely popular TV series, TUNER TRANSFORMATION, as seen on SPEED. Expert tuners combine their efforts and use their unique abilities to transform lucky viewers’ rides into ultimate performance machines. The tuners encounter all sorts of trials and tribulations while transforming every type of car known to man; from imports to domestics, street and race machines, TUNER TRANSFORMATION home entertainment is unscripted and highly entertaining video enjoyment, as people just like you get their rides completely overhauled for FREE. This 90 minute DVD includes four episodes of the acclaimed SPEED Channel TV show. Part one you’ll see a VW Golf take on mods that turn it into an autocross car in a very funny episode. Part two includes a well know NBC new weather woman out of Washington DC get her BMW M3 transformed into a race track weekend lapping warrior. Part three you’ll see a very funny episode of TUNER TRANSFORMATION which includes a Toyota Corolla wreck transformed into a wicked little drift car, a true transformation. And part four is a one hour special featuring an insane transformation of a pathetic Toyota Paseo into a radical rear drive monster with a dose of typical tuner humor. Total running time approx: 90 minutes

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