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The LT8S ECU is Microtechs latest 4 injectordriver, 4 ignition driver ECU . It is commonly used for 4 cyl andtwin rotor applications.Kit ContentsECUFlying Lead Wiring Loom (labeled)Vacuum HoseFuel Pump RelayFuse HolderTechnical Manual / BookletGeneralWeight 500gmExtruded Aluminum case1 Year Warranty32 Bit Motorola ProcessorSurface Mount technology boardSupports up to 8cyl and 2 rotor enginesMax readable RPM 15950Max readable boost with standard map sensor :- 25psi(30psi & 45psi versions avail as an option)Fuel Delivery4 Injector Drivers capable of 4 amp peak hold.True sequential operation on 4 cylinder and rotaryapplicationsRun up to 4 high impedance injectors per driverTuneable in MAP or TPS mode or combination of both.Main Matrix table has 16×16 load sites (32×32 software update will beavailable mid 2006)RPM tuning range currently every 500rpm to 9000rpm(12000rpm software option available)(upgradeable to user definable position and number of sites. Softwareupdate will be available mid 2006)Overall Mixture trim +-99%Fuel Delivery Cont:-Auxiliary Input correction +-99%Coolant temp correctionAir temp correctionAccelerator pump amount, sensitivity and TimecompensationCranking enrichment correctionAfter start enrichment correctionCold Start accelerator pump correctionHard cut RPM limiterSoft cut RPM LimiterOver boost LimiterSequential, Group fire and Staged/Group fire modesIgnition4 Ignition driversIgnition setup preconfigured for engine type.Configurable for 1-8 cyl engines using an external igniterConfigurable for twin distributors and 2 rotor engines16 Ignition RPM sites (upgradeable to user definablenumber. Software update will be available mid 2006)16 Map corrections (upgradeable to user definable number. Softwareupgrade will be available mid 2006)16 water temp correction points16 air temp correction pointsIgnition advance/retard on accelerator pumpIgnition advance/retard on aux input triggerIgnition Trim overall +-45degIgnition TDC reference adjustment on some applicationsIgnition timing split adjustable on rotary applicationsAccuracy to .25 degreeAux inputs and outputsStandard features include One 12V Aux inputOne –ve switched Aux output triggered by RPM, Map, watertempAux Input contOne PWM output to run idle stepper motor controlAux input can be configured to run Anti-lag, Mixture trim,Timing trim etc.DiagnosticsRed LED indicated Fault code triggeredData Page indicates where fault liesOperational errors:-. Over boost, RPM Limit, RPM Cut, MAXDuty, Water temp, Voltage, Shift LightSelf Test Mode runs all injectors and ignition and cycles auxoutputsAmber LED gives Visual of ignition input signalGreen LED gives visual of power on.Programming/TuningUsing Laptop adapter and softwareUsing Handset or DASH unitSensorsConfigured to suit application when ordered.Data logging and map storage:-On board “ECU-Log” Holds 5 minutes of memory . Userdefinable switching on and off point.Data Log to Memory (Laptop) 100 samples per secondViewed Data Log displays average readings 10 times persecondData log viewable in text or GraphPlayback data logPrint data logLaptop logging standard. ECU logging optional & must be requestedwhen orderingSave data log to disc4 Maps saveable to laptop adapter or handsetUpgradeable in the future to “save maps to disc”When purchasing a MicroTech ECU, you must specify the make, the model and the year of your car as well as the engine type and model. This is so we can load a default map into the ECU suitable for your car and engine.We currently only stock Rotary maps as standard. If your engine is not a rotary it could take up to 3 days to load the right map into your MicroTech ECU. Model CarECU ApplicationSetup DescriptionBMWLT-84cyl or 6 cyl MAGnetic DISTLT-84cyl or 6 cyl 60 -2 crank pickupHoldenLT-8V6 Coilpack setupLT-8V8 DIST setup VN 3wireLT-8V8 DIST setup VT 4wireMazdaLT-812A or 13B Series 4 crank setup, STD Series 4 coilpackLT-8B6 MAG DISTLT-8BP 1-8 optical DISTLT-8MX-5 Twin CoilLTX10S12A or 13B Series 4 crank setup, Bosch coils x4LTX10SBP 1-8 optical DIST Bosch Coils x 4LTX-1212A or 13B Series 4 crank setup, Bosch coils x 4 *Note: Microfueler BANK 3 for 13B setupLTX-1220B Crank Setup, Bosch coils x 6SuzukiLT-8DIST 4cyl MAG *NOTE DIST modification required on GTi DISTDaihatsuLT-8DIST 3cyl MAGneticLT-8DIST 4cyl MAGneticHondaLT-8DIST 4 cyl 4 pole MAGnetic setupLT-8DIST 4 cyl 16 teeth + CoilLT-8DIST 4 cyl 24 teeth + CoilLTX10S16 Teeth or 24 Teeth DIST 4x Bosch CoilsLTX10SCx-1 DIST Hall setupMitsubishiLT-8Twin Can 4G63, 4G93 Std Crank angle sensor Std twin coil packLT-84G15 Mirage Std crank sensor & coilsLT-84G63 Starion set up (4 pole Magnetic Dist,single coil)LT-84G63 Cordia set up (4 pole Magnetic Dist,single coil)LT-8V6 FTO engine Std crank sensor & coilsLT-84G93 single cam Lancer/Mirage Std crank sensor,dual coil set up on valve coverLT-84G93 twin cam GSR LancerStd crank sensor & coilsLT-84G63 EVO 8 Std crank sensor & coilsLT-84G63 EVO 4,5,6,7 Std crank sensor & coil packsLT-84G63 EVO 1,2,3,VR4,Talon & Eclipse Std crank sensor & coilpacksLT-84G63, Starion setup (4 pole MAGnetic DIST)LT-84G63, Cordia Setup (4 pole MAGnetic DIST)LT-84G 15 DIST setupLTX10S4G93 twin cam GSR LancerStd crank sensor & 4x Bosch coilsLTX10S4G63 EVO 8 Std crank sensor & 4x Bosch coilsLTX10S4G63 EVO 4,5,6,7 Std crank sensor & 4x Bosch coilsLTX10S4G63 EVO 1,2,3,VR4,Talon & Eclipse Std crank sensor & 4x Bosch coilsLTX10S4G63, 4G93 Std Crank angle sensor, Bosch Coils x4 or a std twin coilpackLTX10S4G93 single cam Lancer/Mirage Std crank sensor 4x Bosch coilsToyotaLT-84AGE 3 wire DISTLT-84AGE 4 wire DISTLT-83SGTE DISTLT-84AGE 20 valve setupLT-8Starlet DISTLTX10S7MGTE STD 3 x twin coil setupLTX10SV8 Lexus twin DIST setupLTX10S3TGE DIST setup 2 x coils 8 spark plug DIST setup *Note: 8 spark plug DIST must be used. It is not a multi-coil setupLTX10S4AGZE Supercharged STD Twin coilsLTX10S3SGTE 4 wire DIST Bosch coils x 4LTX10S4AGE 4 wire DIST Bosch coils x4LTX-121GGTE 6cyl twin turboLTX-121JZGTE/2JZGTE 6x Bosch coilsLTX-121JZGTE/2JZGTE Std 6x coilsFiatLT-84cyl MAGnetic DISTHyundaiLTX10SCrank 60-2 Teeth setup Twin coil setupNissanLT-8CA-18, SR20 4 Coil SetupLT-8FJ-20, SR-20 DIST setupLT-8RB-20, RB-25, RB-26 6cyl 6 coil setupLT-8RB30 dist set up coilLT-8L28 6cyl dist set upLTX10SCA-18, SR-20, FJ-20 Bosch coils x 4LT-12L28 6cyl dist set upLTX-12VG30LTX-12RB30 Bosch coils x6LTX-12RB-20, RB-25, RB-26 Bosch coils x6 or STD coils x6MT-4Z-18VolkswagenLT-8DIST 4cyl hall pickupLT-8DIST 4cyl 60-2 crank pickupLT-8V6 cyl 60-2 coilpackFordLT-8V8 Motorcraft Module on DISTLT-86cyl Motorcraft module on DISTLTX10S6cyl 36-1 crank pickup, 3x Twin Coils STDJaguarLT-12DIST 12 Pole MAGnetic setupSubaruLT-8EJ-20 4 Coil setup, 2 coil setupLT-8EA-82 optical DIST ONLYLTX10SEJ-20 4 STD or 4xBosch CoilsMT-4EA-81VolvoLT-8DIST 4cyl 4 pole MAGnetic pickupLT-8DIST 4cyl 4 pole hall pickup

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