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  • NOS – Big Shot Single Stage Nitrous Kit (200-400 Hp Adjustable)

NOS – Big Shot Single Stage Nitrous Kit (200-400 Hp Adjustable)

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The World's Most Powerful Single Stage Plate Nitrous System The NOS Big Shot systems use a special “fogging” plate design that vastly improves nitrous flow, fuel atomization and mixture distribution. This Big Shot plate utilizes a unique spray bar that is equipped with tiny orifices. These are precisely located to efficiently dispense a powerful nitrous/gasoline mixture for unbelievable horsepower. Power output is adjustable from 200 – 400 horsepower simply by changing fuel and nitrous jets. Single stage Big Shot systems incorporate a NOS Pro Shot nitrous solenoid with –6 AN nitrous supply line. Systems include a variety of power Jets , nitrous bottle, 1/2” fogging plate, filters, Fittings for fuel and nitrous, switches and all electrical and other hardware necessary for installation. Big Shot fogging plates are available separately.Big Shot Nitrous System Holley 4 bbl 200–400 HP with 10 lb. BottleInstallation NotesBig Shot systems are designed for use on engines that have been extensively modified and intended primarily for competition applications. To supply the proper amount of fuel to the Carburetor and Big Shot system, a fuel pump must be used that is designed to operate between 5 and 10 PSI, with a flow rate of at least 0.1 gallons per horsepower per hour at 6 PSI. High cylinder pressures are generated with the use of these kits, and this greatly increases the load on internal engine components.Features* Unique Fogging Plate Design* Vastly Improves Nitrous Flow* Improves Fuel Atomization* Improves Mixture Distribution* Advanced EDM Technology* Highly Efficient Nitrous System* Includes Necessary Electrical Hardware* Record Breaking RunsBottle Size: 4.5kgSuits* Holley 4-Bbl flange

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