Odyssey – Drycell Battery 265 Cca

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Discover the Odyssey Drycell battery ? a breakthrough in automotive power. This compact marvel seamlessly merges deep cycling with potent cranking power. With advanced dry cell technology, it delivers over 2150A cranking pulses in 5 seconds and endures 400 charge/discharge cycles at 100% DOD. Unlike traditional SLI batteries, Odyssey excels at both high-amperage bursts and long-duration drains. Sealed with dry cell technology, it boasts a 60% cranking power boost, adapts to any mounting position, and features corrosion-resistant brass terminals and a robust steel jacket. Compact at 170mm x 99mm x 175mm, it’s your ultimate solution for versatile and high-performance automotive power.

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The innovative Odyssey Drycell battery redefines automotive power, seamlessly integrating the dual capabilities of deep cycling and delivering unmatched cranking power within a single compact unit. Engineered with advanced dry cell technology, these batteries boast the extraordinary ability to generate cranking pulses exceeding 2150A for a rapid 5-second burst, along with an impressive 400 charge/discharge cycles at 100% depth of discharge (DOD). While traditional starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) batteries force you to choose between one function or the other, the Odyssey battery excels at both. It’s not just a sprinter or a long-distance runner; it effortlessly toggles between providing short-duration high-amperage pulses and enduring low-rate, long-duration drains. Embracing dry cell sealed technology, this powerhouse offers a substantial 60% increase in cranking power, features a deep-cycle design, and is adaptable to mounting in any position or location. With brass terminals resistant to corrosion and a rugged steel jacket for durability under severe conditions, the Odyssey Drycell battery is a compact size measuring 170mm x 99mm x 175mm, making it the epitome of versatility and performance for your automotive power needs.


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