Thermo-Tec – Battery Wrap Barrier Kit

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Discover the world’s foremost acid-neutralizing heat barrier mat ? our Battery Heat Barrier Kit. Reflecting over 90% of radiant heat, it efficiently neutralizes battery acid, prevents corrosion, and is eco-friendly. Easy to install, affordable, and available in rolls or mats (8″ x 40″), this kit is the trusted choice of the U.S. military, ensuring safety and superior protection.

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Introducing the premier acid-neutralizing heat barrier mat worldwide, our cutting-edge Battery Heat Barrier Kit sets the industry standard. Engineered to reflect an impressive 90% of radiant heat, this innovative solution not only safeguards against battery acid, corrosion, and environmental impact but is also easily recyclable. Affordable and effortlessly installed, our Battery Heat Barrier Kit is available in convenient rolls or mats, measuring a versatile 8″ x 40″. Trusted by all branches of the United States military, it assures complete safety during handling and installation, making it the optimal choice for unparalleled protection.


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