Defi – Racer Gauge – Temperature (52mm)




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Racer Gauges are quick-responsive and high-accurate analog gauges.Boost, pressure, temperature, exhaust temperature, and volt gauges are available. The diameters are 2 1/16inches(52mm) and the colors are blue, red, and white.Tachometers are also available only in the United States. The tachometer's diameter is 3 1/8inches(80mm) and the color is blue. The scale variety is 9000RPM and 11000RPM.Note*Racer Gauges cannnot be linked to the Defi-Link System.Stepping motor "STEP MASTER VS-2" provides smooth operation.Ignition ON initiates self-luminescence gauge. Illumination using high-brightness LEDs Opening CeremonyClosing CeremonySelf-diagnostics function monitors both sensor disconnection and short-circuiting during startup.a) Sensor disconnection checkThis function reports any in-proper connections, broken or disconnected sensor or sensor wire. The pointer will wave between 250 and 260 degrees.b) Short-circuiting checkThis function indicates any short circuit on the sensor or sensor wire.The pointer will wave between 10 and 20 degrees.* Full 270 degrees sweep dial provides ultimate visibility.* A mounting bracket and instrument case is provided with the product.* The red triangle of the regular position bezel can be used as a warning indicator and others.*Does not require the Defi-Link Control Unit for use.

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