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Elevate your driving experience with GruppeM EXHAUST SYSTEM ? a pinnacle of automotive performance. Crafted with precision through years of racing and street development, each system is expertly tuned for optimal performance and captivating sound quality. Advantages include impeccable manufacturing, weight savings with titanium construction, and compatibility with ‘RAM AIR SYSTEM’ intake. Models cater to various vehicles, boasting a stainless steel tail end and optional full titanium exhaust. Enhance your ride with GruppeM, where precision meets performance. Note: Special Order, delivery may take up to 2 months.

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Explore the pinnacle of automotive performance with the meticulously crafted GruppeM EXHAUST SYSTEM. Years of dedicated racing and street development have culminated in a cutting-edge design, meticulously tuned for optimal performance gains and a captivating sound quality. Our in-house dyno facility and expert R&D team keep GruppeM at the forefront of automotive trends, ensuring our products align seamlessly with your vehicle.

Advantages of GruppeM EXHAUST SYSTEM:

Impeccable quality and precision in manufacturing, evident in every detail.
Pursuit of the most suitable pipe diameter and layout to enhance engine performance.
Substantial weight savings, surpassing stock standards, thanks to our titanium construction.
Liveliness achieved through a high exhaust note and rapid heat gradation in rotation (titanium).
Meticulously crafted stainless steel tail end for a discreet yet impactful aesthetic.
Compatibility with the ‘RAM AIR SYSTEM’ intake for enhanced performance.
Our exhaust systems, born from years of air intake expertise, boast ideal pipe dimensions and layouts for an unparalleled power experience. The stainless steel tail end minimizes installation incongruities, featuring shot processing for a subtle appeal. Certain models also offer a full titanium exhaust system, extending our commitment to excellence.

GruppeM caters to various vehicle models, including ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE, BMW E46 M3, E92 M3, FERRARI 360 MODENA, PORSCHE 997 TURBO, 996 TURBO, 964 TURBO, 964 CARRERA, 968, BOXSTER (2.5L), HONDA NSX NA1 TYPE1, and more. Each Genuine GruppeM EXHAUST SYSTEM carries a unique serial number plate.

Please note that all GruppeM products are Special Order, and GruppeM Exhaust Systems may take up to 2 months to reach your doorstep. Elevate your driving experience with GruppeM ? where precision meets performance.


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