GruppeM – Exhaust System – Ferrari 360 Modena

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GruppeM EXHAUST SYSTEM is crafted in-house with years of racing and street development invested into its design.Each system is tuned to match its application for the best possible performance gain and sound quality combination.With an in-house dyno facility and R&D staff, GruppeM is on top of current vehicle trends and delivers products that fit and perform to unsurpassed level of standards.Advantages* The high quality and manufacturing technique which even stuck to a detail.* The most suitable pipe diameter and layout added to engine performance are pursued.* Substantial weight saving is achieved more than stock (made of titanium)* Laciness is produced by high exhaust note and heat gradation in a rapid rotation area (made of titanium)* Tail end of the shot processing on which I insist quietly (stainless)* I show my further worth by use with an intake "RAM AIR SYSTEM""IN" to "OUT"The exhaust system was developed by utilizing expertise gained from many years of air intake development. As a result of repeated testing and trials, we have arrived at the proper pipe diameter and layout to create an ideal feeling of power. The stainless steel tail end reduces the sense of incongruity at the time of installation,and shot processing was applied for a subtle appeal.Furthermore, a full titanium exhaust system was included in the lineup for some vehicle types. Since we know so much about air intake systems, we want to offer total coordination with the exhaust system. Each Genuine GruppeM EXHAUST SYSTEMhas a unique serial number plate.MakeVehicle modelMaterialPipeTailRemarksASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGETitanφ62φ90x24TitaniumBMWE46 M3Titanφ60φ70x4TitaniumE92 M3Titanφ70φ80x4FERRARI360 MODENAStainlessφ50 – φ60φ1150VALx2F355Stainlessφ50 – φ60φ1150VALx2348Stainlessφ50 – φ60φ1150VALx2PORSCHE997 TURBOStainlessφ60φ70x4With catalyst996 TURBOStainlessφ60φ100×2996 CARRERA2/4/SStainlessφ60φ100x2993CARRERA2/4/SStainlessφ60φ90x2964TURBOStainlessφ75φ100×2964 CARRERA2/4/SStainlessφ75φ90968Stainlessφ60φ90BOXSTER (2.5L)Stainlessφ50φ75x2HONDANSX NA1 TYPE1Stainlessφ50φ80x2Not available for 3.2All GruppeM products are Special Order, and GruppeM Exhaust Systems may take upto 2 months to arrive to your door.