GruppeM – RAM Intake System – Audi S3 Quattro Turbo 1.8L

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Revolutionize your AUDI S3 TURBO’s performance with our exclusive carbon duct case and RAM AIR SYSTEM. Experience enhanced torque, peak power, and an aggressive intake sound, thanks to our High-End Intake Systems. The carbon intake duct isolates engine steam, delivering cool air, while the quick-release center clamp ensures easy maintenance. Customized fitting adapters for each model make installation a breeze. Elevate your driving experience ? order now for Audi S3 Quattro Turbo 1.8L (01-06). Special orders take up to 3 weeks. Unleash the full potential of your machine. Learn more.

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Introducing our exclusive carbon duct case tailored for the AUDI S3 TURBO, the RAM AIR SYSTEM ingeniously maximizes the available space within the S3 TURBO engine room. Designed to curb heat buildup, this system efficiently channels cool, fresh air from the front section, offering a transformative solution. Experience heightened torque and peak power across a broad RPM range, surpassing stock intake performance. The distinct sound of the aggressive intake further complements the enhanced acceleration.

Explore the innovative features of our High-End Intake Systems, crafted without compromise to elevate overall air intake performance. The conical air filter, strategically positioned within the inner and outer sections of the center cone, optimally manages air turbulences, accelerating airflow speed. Customized for each car model, our carbon intake duct seamlessly isolates engine steam, directing cool air to the filter and functioning as an air chamber.

Our commitment to optimal performance extends to a quick-release center clamp, simplifying maintenance tasks. The addition of center cones in the filter tops and inners enhances air-intake rectification. The high-dimensional four-layer cotton filter, reinforced with stainless steel mesh, utilizes a wet type with special oil, maintaining an enlarged air-intake area and ensuring effective filtration.

Emphasizing intake performance, the lower case and lower clamp feature a funnel ring on the adapter (excluding some models). Specially designed fitting adapters, uniquely tailored for each vehicle model, allow for easy bolt-on installation. The application list includes the Audi S3 Quattro Turbo 1.8L (01-06), with the option for special orders that may take up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Discover the superior engineering behind our High-End Intake Systems, providing an optimal environment to unleash the full potential of your machinery. Elevate your driving experience with our precision-crafted solutions. Visit our website for more details.


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