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Discover peak performance with our Carbon Duct Case for the TT 2.0TFSI. Our RAM AIR SYSTEM optimizes engine room space, reducing heat and introducing cool air for enhanced torque and power. Crafted without compromise, our “High-End Intake Systems” feature a conical filter, custom carbon intakes, and a quick-release clamp for easy maintenance. Tailored for each model, our Carbon Intake Duct isolates engine heat, ensuring optimal air intake. With a unique four-layer cotton filter and specialized adapters, achieve superior acceleration and sound. Ideal for Audi TT TFSI Quattro Coupe 2.0L 200PS (08-) ? order now for a 3-week delivery to elevate your driving experience.

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Introducing our exclusive Carbon Duct Case tailored for the TT 2.0TFSI, our RAM AIR SYSTEM optimally utilizes the available space in the engine room, delivering exceptional performance. This system effectively mitigates heat within the engine compartment while channeling cool, fresh air from the front section. Outperforming stock intakes, the RAM AIR SYSTEM enhances torque and maximizes power across mid to high-range RPMs, ensuring a superior acceleration experience accompanied by an aggressive intake sound.

Visit our website at [insert hyperlink here] to explore the product details. Crafted without compromise, our “High-End Intake Systems” represent the pinnacle of air intake performance. The conical air filter, strategically positioned within the center cone, controls air turbulence, accelerating airflow speed. Customized for individual car specifications, each carbon intake incorporates heat insulation and air-cooling mechanisms, working harmoniously to optimize overall system performance.

Our Carbon Intake Duct serves a crucial role by isolating engine heat and delivering cool air to the filter. Designed with intake efficiency in mind, its shape is tailored for each model, considering engine characteristics and vehicle traits. Maintenance is made convenient with the Quick Release Center Clamp, enhancing performance accessibility.

To further refine air-intake rectification, center cones are integrated into the filter tops and inners. The High-Dimensional Four-Layer Cotton Filter, featuring natural cotton layers strengthened with stainless steel mesh, ensures optimal air intake with controlled deformation. The wet-type filter uses special oil, maintaining an expanded air-intake area with a grid structure for effective filtration.

The Lower Case & Lower Clamp, along with the Funnel Ring prioritizing intake performance, are meticulously designed components. Specially crafted fitting adapters, unique to each vehicle model, enable easy bolt-on installation. Our application list includes the Audi TT TFSI Quattro Coupe 2.0L 200PS (08-), available for special order with an estimated delivery time of up to 3 weeks.

Experience the full potential of your machine with our High-End Intake Systems ? a testament to uncompromising quality and superior performance.


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