GruppeM – RAM Intake System – BMW E63 645Ci 4.4L

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Unleash the full potential of your BMW E63 645 with our Carbon Intake Duct and RAM AIR SYSTEM. Engineered for maximum space efficiency, our system reduces heat, bringing in cool air for enhanced torque and power across RPM ranges. Our High-End Intake Systems ensure peak performance, featuring a custom-made carbon intake, quick-release center clamp, and a four-layer cotton filter. Easy to install with fitting adapters, this system is a game-changer. Compatible with BMW E63 645Ci 4.4L (03-05), with special orders available. Elevate your driving experience with our cutting-edge intake solutions.

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“Introducing our specially crafted carbon duct case designed for the E63 645, the RAM AIR SYSTEM is engineered to maximize space within the engine room. This innovative system effectively reduces heat temperatures inside the engine room, channeling cool and fresh air from the front section. Experience heightened torque and maximum power across a broader RPM range compared to stock intake systems, resulting in a noticeable improvement in acceleration and an aggressive intake sound.

Discover more about our RAM AIR SYSTEM at [link], tailored to create an ideal intake environment, unlocking the full potential of your machine. Our top-tier ‘High-End Intake Systems’ are meticulously crafted without compromise, optimizing overall performance as a unified unit. The conical air filter, strategically placed within the center cone, controls air turbulences, accelerating airflow. Each carbon intake is custom-made to meet individual car specifications, including heat insulation and air-cooling mechanisms, ensuring seamless synergy for superior performance.

Our High-End Intake Systems guarantee an optimal environment for unleashing the full potential of your machinery. Easily installable with specially designed fitting adapters, our Carbon Intake Duct isolates engine steam, delivering cool air to the filter. The Quick Release Center Clamp enhances maintenance performance, while the center cone and high-dimensional four-layer cotton filter contribute to better air-intake rectification.

Featuring a lower case & lower clamp with a funnel ring prioritizing intake performance, our system is designed with precision for each vehicle model. Check our application list for compatibility, including special orders for BMW E63 645Ci 4.4L (03-05), with delivery in up to 3 weeks.

Visit [link] for more details and unlock the true potential of your vehicle with our cutting-edge High-End Intake Systems.”


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