ACRE – Super Fighter Brake Pads – Honda Integra/Civic/S2000 DC5/EP3/AP1 (Rear)

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ACRE SUPER FIGHTER, the epitome of precision for street and sports driving. Engineered with a focus on responsiveness and control, it’s the perfect choice for weekend warriors who demand top-tier performance. This Super Street model, born from Acre’s street pad technology, strikes an impeccable balance with minimal brake dust, making it ideal for daily commutes and spirited sports vehicle drives. With over 400 variants for Japanese vehicles, ACRE sets the standard for quality brake pads. Asbestos-free and designed exclusively for street use, it ensures reliable performance in temperatures ranging from 0 to 450 degrees. Compatible with popular models like Honda Integra DC5, Civic EP3, and S2000 AP1, ACRE SUPER FIGHTER defines excellence in braking solutions.

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Introducing ACRE SUPER FIGHTER, meticulously crafted for optimal performance on the streets with a focus on sports driving. Engineered for impressive responsiveness from cold starts and boasting exquisite control, this brake pad is tailor-made for the enthusiastic weekend warrior navigating urban roads. The Super Street model epitomizes Acre’s cutting-edge street pad technology, offering an unparalleled balance with minimal brake dust, making it ideal for both daily commuting and spirited sports vehicle driving. With over 400 variants catering to Japanese vehicles, ACRE sets the benchmark for quality and innovation in brake pad design. Crafted from asbestos-free materials and designed exclusively for street use, the Super Fighter pad ensures reliable performance with an applicable rotor temperature range of 0 to 450 degrees. ACRE’s new design is exemplified in its compatibility with popular models such as the Honda Integra DC5, Honda Civic EP3, and Honda S2000 AP1, marking a new era in superior braking solutions.


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