APEXi – POWER FC + Commander – Honda Civic Type-R EK9 B16B

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Unleash your vehicle’s potential with the Power FC, an advanced engine control unit replacing the factory ECU for off-road supremacy (no OBD-II). Easy installation, retaining the original harness and critical accessories. Customize performance with the FC COMMANDER, adjusting settings without swapping ECUs. Real-time data display, Map Trace Mode for visual mapping, and Setting Mode for precise adjustments. Optional Boost Control Kit for complete boost control. ETC Menu offers utility parameters. Preprogrammed base maps for quick tuning. Ideal for Honda Civic B16B Type-R EK9 (1997 JUN – 1998 AUG). Pre-order available; delivery in approximately 2 weeks post-payment clearance. Elevate your driving experience with the Power FC ? precision meets performance.

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Upgrade your vehicle’s performance with the Power FC, a cutting-edge engine control unit that seamlessly replaces the factory ECU, revolutionizing engine management for enhanced power and efficiency. Designed for off-road use without OBD-II, the installation is a breeze, requiring only a straightforward ECU replacement (with minor rewiring for select vehicles). The original engine harness remains intact, preserving critical accessories like air conditioning. Tailor your engine’s performance with the optional FC COMMANDER, enabling adjustments to a diverse range of settings. No need for ROM chip upgrades or ECU trades; the Power FC allows users to retain the factory ECU effortlessly. Operating through three main menus ? Monitor, Setting, and ETC ? the FC COMMANDER offers real-time data display for up to 10 parameters, including engine RPM, ignition timing, and more. The Map Trace Mode visually traces fuel correction and ignition timing maps in real time, providing a comprehensive understanding. In Setting Mode, access the 20×20 ignition timing and fuel correction maps with 5×5 section adjustments, accommodating upgrades like air flow meters and injectors. Complete boost control is achievable with the optional Boost Control Kit. The ETC Menu facilitates utility parameters such as version information and sensor monitoring on one screen. Preprogrammed with base maps, the Power FC expedites initial tuning, though professional tuning on a dynamometer is recommended. For optimal results, pair it with a high-grade air/fuel ratio monitor during the tuning process. The Power FC is application-specific, and for Honda Civic B16B Type-R EK9 (1997 JUN – 1998 AUG), it opens up a realm of possibilities. Pre-order available for out-of-stock items, with an estimated 2-week delivery after payment clearance. Elevate your driving experience with the Power FC ? where performance meets precision.


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