APEXi – Power Intake Air Filter (Universal)

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Experience enhanced engine performance with our dual funnel Power Intake, a refined evolution of the acclaimed Super Intake. Boasting a 10% reduction in pressure drop through subtle design improvements, this intake system utilizes upper and lower funnels to minimize air turbulence and ensure a smooth flow into the throttle body. The maintenance-free dry-type air filter eliminates concerns about filter oil interference with the air-flow meter. Accept no imitations; choose from sleek Black or Silver (Chrome) finishes to complement your style and select your preferred inlet diameter. Elevate your vehicle’s performance with the genuine Power Intake ? precision-engineered for power and efficiency.

In Stock


Introducing the next evolution in air intake technology, the dual funnel Power Intake, derived from the highly successful Super Intake. Through meticulous design enhancements and an optimized filter element, we’ve achieved a remarkable 10% reduction in pressure drop. The innovative upper and lower funnel configuration minimizes air turbulence, ensuring a seamless airflow into the throttle body. This maintenance-free dry-type air filter eliminates concerns of filter oil from traditional “wet” air cleaners affecting the air-flow meter. Don’t settle for imitations; embrace the genuine Power Intake in your choice of Black or Silver (Chrome) finishes. Customize your experience by selecting your preferred color and inlet internal diameter below, and elevate your vehicle’s performance to new heights.


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