APP – Brake Line Kit – Lancer Evolution IV~IX

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Elevate your vehicle’s braking precision with our top-tier brake lines. Crafted from Teflon-wrapped, braided stainless steel and protected by a clear coating, these lines ensure a sharper response and lasting performance. Unlike traditional rubber hoses, our lines resist expansion, maintaining control even during intense driving. The clear coating safeguards against damage, preserving a clean look and protecting tires from incidental contact. Specifically designed for Lancer Evolution models IV to IX, including Tommi M editions, these kits redefine brake performance. Specify your vehicle during checkout for a seamless upgrade in control and reliability.

In Stock


Upgrade your vehicle’s braking performance with our premium brake lines, the epitome of excellence. Crafted with precision, these lines feature Teflon hosing enveloped in braided stainless steel and shielded by an exclusive clear coating. Unlike conventional rubber hoses, these state-of-the-art components resist expansion, ensuring a crisper brake response and enhanced feel. The innovative clear coating not only safeguards the stainless steel mesh from potential damage but also preserves a pristine appearance, shielding your tires in case of incidental contact. Genuine brake hoses, typically constructed from less heat-resistant rubber, may compromise under intense driving conditions, necessitating a deeper brake pedal push. Our brake line kits are meticulously designed for specific vehicles, including Lancer Evolution IV CN9A, Lancer Evolution V/VI CP9A (including Tommi M), and Lancer Evolution VII~IX models. Specify your vehicle during checkout to experience the ultimate in brake performance and control.


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