Autobahn88 – Suction Kit for Mitsubishi Colt Z27A Turbo

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Elevate your racing performance with our high-performance Cast Metal Silicone Hose. Designed for extreme racing environments, this suction pipe features a durable 4-layer polyester build with a 5mm wall thickness, ensuring resilience in temperatures from -60 to 180 degrees. With a burst pressure limit of 5Bar, it outperforms standard hoses, accepting higher pressures effortlessly. Crafted from lightweight and robust 2mm Aluminum Alloy, this hose is not only durable but also stylish with its polished surface. Say goodbye to breakdowns and hardening, as this hose maintains its shape and flow rate even in the face of temperature changes. Upgrade your Mitsubishi Colt Z27A Turbo with this reliable and performance-driven silicone hose.

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Discover the superior performance of our Cast Metal Silicone Hose, meticulously designed for optimum functionality in extreme racing conditions. Crafted with precision, this suction pipe boasts a robust construction featuring a 4-layer polyester design with a 5mm wall thickness, ensuring resilience in temperatures ranging from -60 to 180 degrees. With a burst pressure limit matching 5Bar, this hose exceeds expectations, accepting higher pressures than its counterparts. Its innovative composition guarantees durability, resisting breakdown or hardening even under rigorous use, making it a more reliable choice than factory components. The polished surface not only adds a sleek aesthetic but also shields the interior from external temperature impacts. Engineered from lightweight and sturdy 2mm Aluminum Alloy, our hose stands out for its exceptional strength. Elevate your racing experience with confidence, as this Silicone Hose is tailor-made for Mitsubishi Colt Z27A Turbo, promising unwavering performance in the most demanding environments.


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