AutoLoc – Flip Flop Trunk Hinge Kits

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Revamp your ride effortlessly with the Autoloc? Flip Flop Trunk Conversion Kit! This sleek custom modification ensures a quick installation, giving your vehicle an attention-grabbing edge. Ideal for showcasing sound systems, hydraulics, or air suspension in your trunk, the kit boasts aluminum construction, spring-loaded safety pins, and a universal design for top-tier quality. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Autoloc? guarantees enduring excellence without the need for adjustments or maintenance. Precision-engineered using the latest CAD CAM technology, this kit delivers unmatched fit and operation. Enjoy international tech support for a lifetime, ensuring your setup meets your every expectation. Elevate your car’s style and performance with Autoloc?!

In Stock


Transform your vehicle with the Autoloc? Flip Flop Trunk Conversion Kit, a seamless and eye-catching custom modification that boasts a quick and easy installation process. Elevate your car’s appearance and draw attention wherever you go, making it perfect for showcasing your sound systems, hydraulics, or air suspension in the trunk. This kit includes detailed instructions and features top-quality elements such as aluminum construction and spring-loaded safety pins, ensuring a sleek and secure design. The universal design, coupled with patented engineering, sets new standards for excellence in operation, finish, and performance. Enjoy peace of mind with a limited lifetime warranty, a testament to Autoloc?’s commitment to quality. Once installed, you can trust that your kit will require no further adjustments, removals, or maintenance. Experience precision engineering with the latest CAD CAM technology, guaranteeing a fit and operation that surpasses expectations. Additionally, benefit from international tech support, as Autoloc? provides a lifetime of step-by-step assistance from certified technicians, going the extra mile to ensure your kit is tailored to your preferences. Drive in style and confidence with Autoloc?!


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