BC – Darton Engine Block Sleeve Kit – Subaru EJ20

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Discover peak performance with our Subaru EJ20 engine, tailored for bore sizes between 92-96mm. Our application list ensures a seamless fit, guaranteeing a powerful and precise driving experience. Trust in our quality and expertise for optimal performance in your vehicle.

In Stock


Explore our extensive application list featuring the high-performance Subaru EJ20 engine, meticulously crafted for bore sizes ranging from 92mm to 96mm. Unleash the power and precision of the EJ20 in your automotive endeavors, as we provide comprehensive support for a seamless integration into your vehicle. Trust in the quality and versatility of our Subaru EJ20 offerings, meticulously designed to meet the demands of 92-96mm bore specifications, ensuring optimal performance and a thrilling driving experience.”


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