Buddy Club – SECU-TIMER Turbo Timer (Universal)

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Experience a revolution in turbo timers with the SECU-TIMER ? the first to seamlessly integrate security features. This advanced device not only functions as a turbo timer but also includes a password-protected security lock for engine ignition. Features include a clear time display, voltage monitoring with a warning indicator, and a customizable turbo timer (10 seconds to 99 minutes). Choose between sleek Black or Polished Aluminium designs. Elevate your driving experience with the SECU-TIMER, where performance meets advanced security.

In Stock


Introducing the SECU-TIMER, an innovative turbo timer setting new standards with integrated security features. Not just your ordinary turbo timer, the SECU-TIMER boasts a unique security lock function requiring the input of a designated password for engine ignition. Beyond its security prowess, this cutting-edge device encompasses essential features such as time display, voltage monitoring with a min/max warning indicator showcasing battery health, and a customizable turbo timer adjustable from 10 seconds to 99 minutes. With a sleek design offered in either Black or Polished Aluminium, the SECU-TIMER combines performance and protection seamlessly, making it a must-have for automotive enthusiasts prioritizing both efficiency and security. Drive confidently with the SECU-TIMER, where advanced technology meets peace of mind.


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