ChipTorque – XFlash2 – Ford Falcon AU

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Elevate your vehicle’s performance with ChipTorque’s XFlash2, the ultimate engine management tool. Reprogram your car effortlessly through the factory OBD-II port, choosing from three preset programs or customizing tunes for specific parameters. With Live High-Speed data logging and DTC Trouble Code diagnostics, this user-friendly tool ensures optimal control without any physical modifications. Retain your Ford Factory Program, and with pricing starting at $995, XFlash2 is the key to unlocking your vehicle’s full potential.

In Stock


ChipTorque’s XFlash2 stands out as an advanced engine management solution, offering seamless reprogramming capabilities through your vehicle’s factory OBD-II diagnostic port. Experience unparalleled control over your factory engine management system with the option to choose from up to three preset performance programs meticulously crafted by ChipTorque’s seasoned programmers. Alternatively, tailor your tunes to match specific parameters such as fuel types, boost levels, rev limit, speed limit, and shift points, perfectly aligning with your vehicle’s unique modifications. The XFlash2 unit retains your Ford Factory Program, allowing for effortless reinstallation at any time. This innovative tool ensures no physical modifications to your vehicle, providing a user-friendly program installation experience. Additionally, it introduces Live High-Speed data logging, enabling comprehensive tracking of PCM parameters on your Windows-based computer using SCT’s Live Link Software. The XFlash2 also empowers users to read, clear, and diagnose DTC Trouble Codes, addressing Check Engine Lights effectively. With applications tailored for various Ford Falcon models, including options for 1, 2, or 3 performance tunes, ChipTorque’s XFlash2 is a game-changer in engine management. Prices start at $995, with the XFlash (AU) variant available for an additional $100 compared to other Falcon models.


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