Cometic – Multi Layer Steel Head Gasket – Pulsar GTi-R, SSS, Bluebird (SR20DET)

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Discover the Cometic MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) gasket?crafted with three layers of high-strength stainless steel for optimal strength, rebound, and corrosion resistance. Its embossed outer layers feature a double-sided Viton coating, ensuring resilience in diverse sealing conditions. With a heat-resistant Viton coating up to 250?C (482?F) and an uncoated stainless steel center layer, this gasket adapts effortlessly to various thickness requirements. Versatile enough for aluminum heads on cast iron or aluminum blocks, it eliminates the need for re-torque, promoting even torque load and reducing bore distortion. With a bore size of 88.5mm and thickness options of .051″ (1.2954mm) and .040″ (1.016mm), the Cometic MLS gasket offers unmatched sealing precision and durability. Choose excellence in every seal.

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Introducing the Cometic MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) gasket, a robust sealing solution meticulously crafted with three layers of high-strength stainless steel. Cometic prioritizes stainless steel for its superior strength, rebound capabilities, and corrosion resistance. The outer layers boast embossed detailing and a double-sided coating of flouroelastomer rubber (Viton), specifically engineered to excel in challenging sealing environments, varying load conditions, and diverse surface finishes. With a Viton coating that withstands temperatures up to 250?C (482?F), this gasket ensures durability under demanding conditions. The gasket’s center, or shim layer, comprises an uncoated stainless steel component, offering flexibility to accommodate diverse thickness requirements. Versatile and adept at sealing both aluminum heads to cast iron blocks and aluminum heads to aluminum blocks, the MLS gasket proves its mettle by withstanding shearing forces created by aluminum heads on cast iron blocks. Notably, it eliminates the need for re-torque, thanks to its design that evenly distributes torque load across the sealing surface, mitigating bore distortion measurably. With a bore size of 88.5mm and available in .051″ (1.2954mm) and .040″ (1.016mm) thickness options, the Cometic MLS gasket allows you to choose the required thickness effortlessly. Elevate your sealing performance with a gasket designed for resilience and precision.


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