Davies, Craig – Electronic Thermal Switch (12v)

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Optimize your cooling system effortlessly with our 12V Electronic Thermal Switch, adjustable from 40?C to 99?C. This all-in-one solution includes a Thermal Switch, Relay, and pre-wired loom for easy mounting. Operate it thermally or synchronized with your air conditioner for precise control. The unique design allows placement between radiator fins, eliminating the need for hose insertion. Upgrade to our Electronic Thermal Switch for efficient and adaptable temperature management.

In Stock


Enhance the efficiency of your cooling system with our Electronic Thermal Switch, featuring adjustable temperature settings from 40?C to 99?C. Our seamlessly integrated design includes the Thermal Switch, Relay, and pre-connected wiring loom, ensuring hassle-free mounting. This versatile switch operates both thermally and in conjunction with your air conditioner, providing optimal control. Unlike Mechanical Thermal Switches, our Electronic Thermal Switch offers a unique advantage?the probe can be strategically placed between the radiator fins, eliminating the need for insertion into the radiator hose. Exclusively designed for 12V systems, our Electronic Thermal Switch guarantees precision and adaptability for a more effective cooling solution. Upgrade your cooling system today for enhanced performance and temperature management.


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