FRAM – AirHog Pod Filter – 2.75″

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Elevate your engine’s performance with Fram Airhog Filters. Unleash more horsepower and accelerate with confidence, thanks to the advanced 4-layer precision weaved cotton fiber that enhances airflow beyond traditional filters. These washable and reusable filters offer enduring efficiency. Explore the “Airhog” Series High-Performance Pod Filter, featuring a 70mm (2.75″) Inlet and 127mm (5.0″) Filter Height, pre-oiled and ready for immediate use. Experience the perfect blend of power and durability for your vehicle’s air intake system. Drive smarter with Fram Airhog Filters.

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Experience enhanced engine performance with Fram Airhog Filters, designed to optimize airflow and boost horsepower for superior acceleration. Crafted with a cutting-edge 4-layer precision weaved cotton fiber, Airhog filters surpass traditional disposable paper filters, ensuring increased airflow efficiency. Notably, these filters are both washable and reusable, providing long-lasting benefits. Explore the “Airhog” Series High-Performance Pod Filter with a 70mm (2.75″) Inlet and a 127mm (5.0″) Filter Height. Pre-oiled and ready for immediate use, this filter is a testament to Fram’s commitment to delivering top-notch, customizable solutions for your engine’s air intake needs. Elevate your driving experience with Fram Airhog Filters ? where performance meets durability.


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