GFB – Stealth FX Blow Off Valve (Universal)

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Meet the world’s first ADJUSTABLE NOISE BOV, the Stealth FX, designed for seamless transitions between street and track with a simple twist of the wrist. Developed by Sydney-based innovators, GO FAST BITS, this Universal Blow Off Valve sets a new standard in performance. Control noise effortlessly, redirecting air back to the inlet for silent street driving or releasing it for a powerful blow-off noise on the track. No more compromises ? the Stealth FX delivers maximum throttle response and power in Full Blast mode. Perfect for any turbocharged car, it’s available in Red, Blue, Silver, and Black. Elevate your driving experience with the ultimate in BOV technology!

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Introducing the world’s premier ADJUSTABLE NOISE BOV – an innovation designed for both street and track conditions, accessible with a simple twist of the wrist! Traditionally, achieving a quieter ride for everyday street use involved the tedious process of removing and reinstalling your BOV to enjoy that distinctive blow-off noise. Enter the Stealth FX, a groundbreaking development by Sydney-based hybrid technology pioneers, GO FAST BITS, offering a dream-come-true solution for enthusiasts worldwide.

This state-of-the-art BOV, the Stealth FX, is engineered for absolute maximum throttle response and power in Full Blast mode on the track. With a seamless flick of the wrist, it effortlessly transitions to a hushed mode suitable for street driving. Leveraging a cutting-edge air diverting system developed in the GFB R&D lab, this revolutionary technology provides precise control over the amount of air released for noise or directed back into the inlet for silence.

This breakthrough innovation ensures no compromise on efficiency, as the vented air is redirected to the inlet without any hindrance, allowing the valve to operate at peak performance. For vehicles equipped with sensitive air flow meters, the valve can be fine-tuned to release just enough air into the inlet, preventing backfiring while still producing an impressively loud blow-off noise.

Named the Stealth FX for a reason, this Universal Blow Off Valve is the epitome of performance excellence in BOV technology. Offered in striking Red, Blue, Silver, and Black options, it’s the answer to every car enthusiast’s dilemma. No more guesswork on which valve suits your car ? the Stealth FX does it all! Experience it firsthand with the Hot4s Review ? What will you get? The GFB Stealth FX Universal Blow Off Valve, tailored to complement any turbocharged car. Choose from a range of colors, including Red, Blue, Silver, and Black. Elevate your driving experience with the ultimate in BOV technology!


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