JUN – Foaming Urethane Reinforcement Kit

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Unlock a new level of car performance with our revolutionary urethane body reinforcement. Say goodbye to excessive rigidity and hello to enhanced safety and motion control. Our affordable solution defies common expectations, providing high rigidity without breaking the bank. Feel the difference as your vehicle gains improved motion during entry and exit. Ideal for both new and older vehicles, our Universal product is tailored for Side Sills of Monocoque bodies. Each kit includes A and B liquids, weighing 3kg each. Upgrade your ride and experience heightened rigidity today.

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“It is widely acknowledged that an excessively rigid body may not be ideal. One rationale behind this perspective is the need for shock absorption, crucial for safety considerations. When a body gains rigidity, it efficiently transmits information across its various parts. However, reinforcing the body, with additions like roll bar spot increases and reliance board reinforcement, often leads to substantial costs in terms of labor and materials.

Moreover, predicting the exact impact of such reinforcements can be challenging. Enter a groundbreaking solution ? an innovative body reinforcement technique that delivers a sense of high rigidity at an affordable price. This method defies conventional wisdom, providing a straightforward way to experience enhanced rigidity.

Vehicles treated with this novel urethane body reinforcement exhibit noticeable differences in motion when entering or departing. The effect is even more pronounced in cars equipped with additional features like a roll cage. While the impact may vary between new and old vehicles, rigidity is undoubtedly heightened.

Check out our Universal product designed for the Side Sills of Monocoque bodies, with A and B liquids each weighing 3kg. Upgrade your car’s rigidity and experience the difference today.”


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