JUN – GT Surge Tank – Intake Manifold – Skyline GTR, RB26DETT

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JUN’s GT SURGE TANK redefines engine dynamics, optimizing collector capacity, surge tank design, and funnel shape. Addressing stock tank limitations, it ensures a balanced surge tank capacity, promoting efficient air distribution. The streamlined design enhances airflow, while a curled funnel shape maximizes air intake efficiency. Compatible with Nissan Skyline GTR (RB26DETT), this surge tank guarantees peak engine performance, making it a must-have for enthusiasts seeking superior tuning capabilities.

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“The dynamic characteristics of the engine undergo significant transformations. Key factors, such as collector capacity corresponding to displacement volume, serge tank design, intake port length, and port section, play pivotal roles. JUN’s GT SURGE TANK is meticulously crafted to extract maximum engine performance, considering these factors.

Surge Tank Capacity is crucial, as stock surge tanks may fall short in accommodating output increases from tuning, leading to potential capacity shortages. Inadequate tank capacity can hinder optimal air distribution among cylinders. Conversely, excessive capacity may impede the inertia boost effect essential for propelling air into each cylinder. A highly efficient surge tank balances these considerations, addressing variations in inhalation efficiency, especially in the high rotation region.

Surge Tank Design is equally vital. It’s essential to shape the tank to guide airflow seamlessly into each cylinder without compromising air movement near the entrance. Unlike many stock surge tanks with a bulky design prone to disrupting airflow, an optimized taper form towards the tank’s back end ensures smooth airflow, enhancing the inertia boost effect by eliminating unnecessary capacity.

Funnel Shape within the Surge Tank is a critical aspect of ensuring optimal airflow. Unlike stock surge tanks with side openings for cylinder branches, a curled funnel shape efficiently draws in downward air from the entrance. This design enhances the efficiency of air intake, providing superior inhaling efficiency.

Application List:

Nissan Skyline GTR (RB26DETT): Ensure to replace the throttle wire with Nissan stock parts (for Z32).
Throttle body: Utilizes processed Nissan stock parts (for Infinity).”
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