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Elevate your vehicle’s performance with K&N Recharger kits. Specially crafted for K&N Filtercharger Air Filters, our kits include a powerful air filter cleaner and rejuvenating air filter oil. Restore airflow efficiency effortlessly, ensuring your Filtercharger functions like new. Product specifications: Accessories, 2 lb weight, compact box dimensions (2.5″ x 4.63″ x 8.75″). Unleash the full potential of your filter with K&N Recharger kits.

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K&N Recharger kits provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining optimal performance of your K&N Filtercharger Air Filter. Our kits include K&N air filter cleaner and air filter oil, specifically designed to rejuvenate and enhance the efficiency of your filter. By using our Recharger kits, you can effortlessly restore airflow efficiency, ensuring that your Filtercharger operates at peak performance, just like when it was new! Check out the product specifications for detailed information:

Product Style: Accessories
Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg)
Product Box Length: 2.5 in (64 mm)
Product Box Width: 4.63 in (117 mm)
Product Box Height: 8.75 in (222 mm). Invest in K&N Recharger kits to keep your filter performing optimally while maintaining the integrity of your vehicle’s air intake system.


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