Metal Matrix – High Flow Catalytic Converter

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Unveiling our latest release – a game-changer in design, boasting superior flow, legal compliance, impeccable finish, and the return of the heat shield! Beware of cowboy brands deceiving consumers with illegal imitations. Our Metal Cat stands apart, while emerging brands like Magic and ‘Xforce’ falter under scrutiny. Don’t be misled by deceptive flow figures; we prioritize transparency. Choose legality over a risky bargain and explore our application list, offering a 100 Cell for serious use and a versatile 200 Cell option. Note: Our new cat comes in standard packaging; vibrant boxes are a thing of the past. Upgrade your driving experience with our cutting-edge design.

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Introducing our latest release – a revolutionary design with enhanced flow, impeccable legal compliance, superior finish, and the return of the heat shield! Your automotive needs are met and exceeded in every aspect. URGENT: Cowboy Brands Exposed – Unveiling the Truth Behind Flow Tests and Deception. The Metal Cat’s success has led to a surge in substandard imitations, mainly Chinese cores and imported biscuits, capitalizing on the Metal Cat’s reputation. These cowboy companies prioritize profit over emissions standards, selling illegal products with fabricated flow figures. Be wary of emerging brands like Magic and ‘Xforce’ – they lack essential approvals and resort to deceptive practices. Challenge them to provide EPA/CARB/Euro test results; the truth will unveil their illegitimacy. UPDATE: Xforce now labels their cat ‘For Race Use Only.’ Unmasking Flow Figure Deception: Companies flaunt CFM flow numbers without disclosing the bench flow rate, akin to overclocking a CPU. Some even play a bingo game with flow figures, misleading consumers. In this era of environmental awareness, why compromise legality for a few dollars? Explore our application list: 100 Cell for serious applications, 200 Cell for versatile use. Please note: Our new cat comes in standard packaging; the vibrant box is a thing of the past. Embrace the change in both appearance and performance. Elevate your driving experience with our cutting-edge design – a true fusion of form and function.


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