MotorEyes – Alert Cap (28-50 psi)

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Discover the effortless way to monitor your car’s tyre pressure with MotorEyes Tyre Pressure Alert Caps. Simply swap out your existing valve caps with this innovative set of 2. Available in various pressures, these caps ensure optimal tyre health. Upgrade your driving experience with MotorEyes ? where convenience meets performance.

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Introducing MotorEyes’ cutting-edge Tyre Pressure Alert Caps, a revolutionary solution for effortless monitoring of your vehicle’s tyre pressure. With these innovative Alert Caps, maintaining optimal tyre health is a breeze. Easily replace your current tyre valve caps with this set of Alert Caps, and you’re good to go. Each pack contains 2 caps, and you can choose from a range of pressures to suit your specific needs, including 28 psi / 193 kpa, 30 psi / 206 kpa, 32 psi / 220 kpa, and more. Make the smart choice for your car’s well-being by selecting the ideal pressure from the available options below. Elevate your driving experience with MotorEyes Tyre Pressure Alert Caps ? where convenience meets performance.


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