NOS – Cheater Nitrous Kit – 150-250 HP (Universal)

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Unleash potent performance with the NOS Cheater system, designed for carbureted engines of 350 CID or larger. Quickly adjustable from 150 to 250 horsepower, this system features large nitrous and fuel solenoids, ensuring rapid power boosts in seconds. Easy installation with a 1/2? injector plate provides ample hood clearance. Available in single or dual-stage models, it includes a 10 lb. nitrous bottle, jets for customization, and all necessary hardware. The universal V8 Basic System delivers 150?250 HP without an injector plate. Experience superior control and power with NOS Cheater, backed by large solenoids, swift adjustments, and effortless installation.

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Experience unmatched power with the NOS Cheater system, meticulously crafted for supreme performance on engines of 350 CID or larger, specifically tailored for carbureted setups. This cutting-edge system boasts large nitrous and fuel solenoids, providing an adjustable power spectrum ranging from 150 to 250 horsepower, all tweakable within seconds. Effortless installation is facilitated through a 1/2? thick injector plate seamlessly fitting between the carburetor and intake manifold, ensuring generous hood clearance.

The Cheater system is available in both single-stage and dual-stage models, offering versatility for various applications. Opt for the dual-stage variant when traction limitations necessitate a staggered power application. For ultimate control, consider integrating the NOS Progressive Nitrous Controller, highlighted in another section of this catalog.

Each Cheater system package includes a 10 lb. nitrous bottle, four stages of jets, and high-quality steel-braided lines, along with comprehensive electrical and mounting hardware. The single carburetor Cheater system further includes Jet Pack #13725, enabling jetting adjustments to four distinct horsepower levels: 150, 180, 210, and 250. Similarly, the multiple carburetor Cheater? system, featuring Jet Pack #13735, facilitates jetting variations between 150, 175, 200, and 250 horsepower.

Discover the Universal Cheater Nitrous System V8 Basic System sans Injector Plate, delivering a potent 150?250 HP boost with a 10 lb. bottle. Installation notes emphasize the necessity of a fuel pump designed for 5 to 10 PSI operation, boasting a flow rate of 0.1 gallons per hour/horsepower at 6 PSI. For instance, an engine producing 450 horsepower during Cheater System activation mandates a fuel pump with a minimum flow rate of 45 gallons per hour at 6 PSI.

Key features of the NOS Cheater system include:
– Large Nitrous and Fuel Solenoids
– Rapid Adjustment Capability
– Seamless Installation
– Hood Clearance Assurance
– Inclusive Electrical Hardware

Bottle Size: 4.5kg

Unleash the true potential of your engine with the NOS Cheater system, combining raw power with ease of use and unmatched control.

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