PPG – Dogbox Gearset – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4-9 (6 Speed)

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Unleash unparalleled speed and power with PPG’s cutting-edge gearset, propelling the fastest 4WD 4-cylinder vehicle to a 7.7-second quarter-mile. Boasting a 1000+ horsepower rating, this gearset dominates drag racing circuits globally. Engineered for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4-9, it requires no modifications, featuring heavy-duty selectors for durability. Choose the strength of Straight Cut Gearset for a unique tooth profile or the quieter yet powerful Helically Cut Gearset. Our synchromesh gearsets offer factory-style selection, while Dog Engagement is perfect for race-only or highly modified street cars. Elevate your performance with PPG gearsets ? where strength meets precision.

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Experience unmatched performance with our PPG gearset, a powerhouse designed to propel the fastest 4WD 4-cylinder vehicle on the planet, achieving awe-inspiring 7.7-second quarter-mile times. Boasting a staggering 1000+ horsepower rating, this cutting-edge product stands head and shoulders above the competition in the market, specifically tailored for earlier model 4G63-powered FWD and 4WD cars.

Over the last 5 years, our meticulously crafted gearset has dominated drag racing circuits across Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and America, setting records in prestigious championships. With ratios meticulously engineered for optimal performance?1st: 2.666, 2nd: 1.888, 3rd: 1.450, 4th: 1.091, 5th: 0.880, 6th: 0.700?our gearset ensures unparalleled power delivery.

Tailored for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4-9, this direct-fit gearset requires no modifications, featuring heavy-duty selectors for enhanced durability. Our Straight Cut Gearset, renowned for its distinctive tooth profile, surpasses even our helically cut gearsets in strength. While straight cut gearsets may be audibly noticeable due to their unique meshing pattern, they guarantee superior strength through total tooth contact during rotation.

For those seeking a quieter option without compromising power, our Helically Cut Gearset is a popular choice, perfect for transmitting extreme power to the road in highly modified street cars. The synchromesh gearsets, suitable for street applications, offer factory-style gear selection with enhanced durability, thanks to our strengthened synchromesh hubs and premium materials.

Embrace the pinnacle of gear engagement with our Dog Engagement (Dog ‘box), an ideal choice for race-only applications or highly modified street cars. Available in both helical and straight cut versions, this gearset ensures peak performance when you need it most.

Explore the unmatched strength and precision of PPG gearsets in our product video. Elevate your driving experience with gear technology that outpaces the competition. Unleash the power within ? choose PPG for unrivaled performance on and off the track.


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