PPG – Synchromesh Gearset – Honda K-Series (1st/2nd)

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Rev up your street racing experience with our top-tier direct fitment gearset, engineered for unbeatable strength and precise gear ratios from 1st to 3rd ? all at an irresistible price point. Our Straight Cut Gearset, inspired by PPG drag sets, minimizes power loss and boasts a 700hp rating. Choose between the robust Straight Cut design, favored for its unparalleled strength, or the popular Helically Cut Gearset, striking a balance between power and reduced gear noise. Explore Synchromesh Gearsets for street-friendly applications and the race-centric Dog Engagement option, available for both Helical and Straight Cut PPG Gearsets. Check out our product video for a glimpse into the high-performance world of PPG gearsets.

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“Explore our high-performance direct fitment gearset tailored for street racing enthusiasts seeking enhanced strength and optimal gear ratios between 1st and 3rd, all at an appealing price. The straight cut gears, inspired by the renowned PPG drag sets popular among USA Sport Compact teams, minimize drivetrain power loss. With ratios of 2.615 / 1.666 and a horsepower rating of 700 hp, our Straight Cut Gearset stands out.

This gearset features a distinctive tooth profile, providing superior strength compared to helically cut gearsets. Widely adopted, our Subaru WRX straight cut set powers vehicles exceeding 600hp, demanding a gearbox of exceptional strength. While straight cut gearsets may produce a distinctive whine due to teeth meshing during rotation, their unparalleled strength results from total tooth contact.

For those prioritizing reduced gear noise, our Helically Cut Gearset is the preferred choice. Ideal for transmitting extreme power in highly modified street cars, it strikes a balance between performance and noise. Synchromesh Gearsets, suitable for street applications, offer factory-style gear selection with PPG’s durability enhancements. Note that synchro rings are available through your Subaru Dealer.

Enter the realm of race-inspired gear engagement with our Dog Engagement (Dog ‘box). Popular among highly modified street cars, it’s designed for a “race only” experience. Whether on a Helical or Straight Cut PPG Gearset, Dog Engagement adds a competitive edge to various applications.

Curious to see these gearsets in action? Watch our informative product video for an in-depth look into the unparalleled performance of PPG gearsets.”

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