Thermo-Tec – Graphite Black Exhaust Insulation Wrap (1″ x 50ft)

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Optimize your vehicle’s performance with our advanced thermal insulation solution. Our product reduces under-hood temperatures by up to 70%, enhancing horsepower and fuel efficiency while withstanding heat up to 2000 deg. F. Extend the life of engine components across all combustion engines. Suitable for diverse vehicles, this 1″ wide X 50ft. roll is your go-to choice for superior thermal management. Upgrade your ride with a solution designed for race cars, passenger cars, trucks, marine, and aircraft.

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Enhance your vehicle’s performance with our cutting-edge thermal insulation solution. Our product significantly lowers under-hood temperatures by an impressive 70%, resulting in a remarkable boost in horsepower and fuel efficiency. Engineered to endure continuous heat up to 2000 deg. F, it not only enhances overall vehicle performance but also extends the lifespan of crucial engine and exhaust system components. This versatile solution is compatible with all internal combustion engines, including diesel, rotary, 2-stroke, turbo-charged, fuel-injected, and blown engines. Ideal for a wide range of vehicles, from race cars to passenger cars, trucks, marine vessels, and aircraft, our product comes in a convenient 1″ wide X 50ft. roll. Invest in advanced thermal management for your vehicle and experience unparalleled results.


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