TOMEI – Camshafts – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1-9 (Procam or Poncam)

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Explore our brand-new camshaft collection designed exclusively for Lancer Evolutions with 4G63 engines. Choose between the high-performance ‘PROCAM’ or versatile ‘PONCAM’ series, featuring lift/duration options from TOMEI. Specify your preferences when ordering, and please note that some cams are in high demand and may require special orders. Elevate your Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution’s performance with these top-tier camshafts, available for various models: Evo 1-3 (143032), Evo 4-6 (143033), Evo 7-8 (143038), and Evo 9 (143058). Upgrade your ride with precision and power.

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Introducing a cutting-edge collection of camshafts tailored for Lancer Evolutions featuring the formidable 4G63 engines. Take your pick between the high-performance ‘PROCAM’ series or the versatile ‘PONCAM’ series, each offering a range of lift/duration combinations meticulously crafted by TOMEI. When placing your order, kindly specify your preferred specifications or part number. Please note that some of these cams are exclusive, highly sought-after, and may not be readily available due to overwhelming demand. Elevate the power of your Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with our exceptional camshafts, perfectly designed for various models:

* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1-3 (143032)
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 4-6 (143033)
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7-8 (143038)
* Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 (143058).

Revitalize your driving experience with these top-tier camshafts, engineered for peak performance and precision.

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