TOMEI – Ornament – R32/R33/R34 RB26DETT

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Elevate your RB26DETT engine’s style with the exclusive “RB26 Metal Ornament Plate” from TOMEI. This precision-crafted plate features the iconic 3D “TOMEI The Engine Specialist” logo in anodized blue and red on a glossy base, ensuring your engine stands out. Included in TOMEI complete engine packages, this plate suits Nissan Skyline GTR models R32, R33, R34, and Stagea 260R. Make a lasting impression with this must-have accessory for car enthusiasts.

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Introducing the exclusive “RB26 Metal Ornament Plate,” a must-have for aficionados of the legendary RB26DETT engine, especially those who embrace TOMEI tuning parts. Crafted with precision using a unique mould, this plate showcases the iconic “TOMEI The Engine Specialist” logo in a captivating 3D style, complemented by striking anodized blue and red hues on a glossy base, creating a visual masterpiece. Elevate your RB26 engine’s aesthetic with this plate, ensuring it captures attention and admiration. Car enthusiasts will appreciate the enduring appeal of this accessory, leaving a lasting impression. Included as a standard feature in TOMEI complete engine packages, this plate perfectly suits Nissan Skyline GTR models R32 (BNR32), R33 (BCNR33), R34 (BNR34), and Nissan Stagea 260R (WGNC34). Stand out and shine with the RB26 Metal Ornament Plate ? a true testament to TOMEI’s commitment to excellence.


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