JUN – GT Surge Tank – Nissan SR20DET (R)PS13 (10.5mm)

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Elevate your engine’s performance with the JUN GT SURGE TANK ? a meticulously crafted powerhouse designed for optimal functionality. Tackling key factors like collector capacity, surge tank form, and funnel design, this high-performance upgrade ensures maximum power extraction. Its efficient surge tank capacity strikes the perfect balance, overcoming limitations of stock tanks. The sleek tapered design enhances airflow, eliminating unnecessary capacity for a heightened inertia boost effect. Compatible with SR20DET (R)PS13 (10.5mm), this kit includes a delivery pipe for added convenience. Upgrade now for a seamless integration of power and precision into your engine dynamics.

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Experience a transformative shift in engine dynamics with the JUN GT SURGE TANK, meticulously designed to optimize performance across various crucial factors. From collector capacity aligned with displacement volume to the intricate details of surge tank form, intake port length, and section configuration ? every aspect is fine-tuned to extract maximum engine potential.

Surge Tank Capacity:
Unlike stock surge tanks that overlook tuning-related output increases, the JUN GT SURGE TANK addresses potential capacity shortages. Inadequate tank capacity can disrupt air distribution among cylinders, hindering optimal performance. Conversely, an excessively large tank may impede the coveted inertia boost effect due to mild pressure changes. Our highly efficient surge tank strikes the perfect balance, ensuring optimal performance across the entire RPM range.

Form of the Surge Tank:
Critical to air movement efficiency, the surge tank’s design prioritizes a funnel shape for each cylinder without compromising air momentum at the entrance. Unlike conventional thick stock surge tanks that disrupt air flow, our tapered design facilitates smooth airflow from entrance to rear, enhancing overall performance. Eliminating unnecessary capacity further elevates the inertia boost effect, especially in high rotation scenarios.

Funnel Design:
Efficient airflow within the surge tank is achieved by optimizing the funnel design for each cylinder. Unlike stock surge tanks with non-projecting cylinder branches, our design adopts a curled funnel form, allowing for efficient intake of downward air near the entrance. This strategic configuration significantly enhances inhaling air efficiency, ensuring peak performance.

Application List:
The JUN GT SURGE TANK is compatible with SR20DET (R)PS13 (10.5mm) and comes with a delivery pipe for (R)PS13. Note that stock injectors cannot be used, necessitating the use of top-feed injectors. Choose from three fuel delivery pipe diameters (10.5mm, 10.8mm, 11.0mm) based on injector size. The kit includes a throttle body crafted from processed Nissan stock parts for Infinity, ensuring seamless integration and performance.

Product Notes:
For (R)PS13, the kit includes a delivery pipe, but top-feed injectors are required, as stock injectors are incompatible. Fuel delivery pipe options (10.5mm, 10.8mm, 11.0mm) should be specified based on the injector size. The kit incorporates a throttle body made from processed Nissan stock parts designed for Infinity compatibility.


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